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Michael Cherry is an innovator behind today’s premier Urban Apparel Stores. To his credit he has been the driving design force behind a few notable urban stores for over two decades. He is also the co-owner and founder of the urban store Dada Supreme. Michael’s first entry into the world of fashion design was at age 13 where he grafted his earliest designs on hats, denim jeans and jackets with an airbrush he received from his grandparents.



Michael always exudes great work ethic, vision and determination. In 1995, after a few trendsetting hat designs and less than $1000 Urban Apparel Stores where born and in 5 years surpassed 30 million in sales worldwide. After Dada, the brand Cezer was created and went on to 7 million in gross sales after 3 years on the market. With unique designs Cezer was wildly embraced by athlete’s, actors, entertainers and Hip Hop’s Elite. Rappers and R&B artists such as Jay Z, 50 Cent,Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Chris Brown,Young Jeezy, R Kelly,Trey Songz, Juelz Santana, Snoop Dogg, Tyrese, Daddy Yankee and many others supported the Urban Apparel Stores. To date Michael is still designing eye catching urban apparel the streets want to be seen in and

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. His latest premium venture ‘Michael Cherry’ will continue to be set apart from all others.The brand ‘Michael Cherry’ is exclusively sold at select Urban Apparel Stores, boutiques, retailers and michaelcherrythebrand.com



Michael Cherry the brand is a fashion movement rooted in urban culture inspired by global influence. The company was created to suit the needs of trend setting Urban Apparel Stores and clothing connoisseurs while being financially obtainable by many. Our mission is to a create superior design, premium quality and unique merchandise available in larger sizes and a variety of colors. We want our customers to feel as if they’re wearing a work of art reflective of the culture and lifestyle in which we live. We take pride in creating fashion masterpieces fit for those that prefer an exclusive look in mens apparel.

Your trusted source for the flyest urban apparel and more. Michael Cherry Urban Apparel Stores, from the makers of Dada Supreme and Cezer. Hip Hop Shops design:http://mrgooder.com